What is an audiobook?

Audiobooks are voice recordings of books. Narrators read out the text story, dialogues etc.) from a book which we can listen to on mobile devices and/or computers. Audiobooks are also a wonderful aid for the visually impaired. They have become very popular in recent times because anyone who likes to read but is unable to find the time can simply listen to the book while on the move. You can listen to them when out for your daily walk or on the way to work, while cooking or cleaning your home, or before you sleep at night. Audiobooks are a great way to catch up on your reading, by listening. Add a good narrator and audiobooks can even be evocative and compelling. Try one, you’ll love it!

How Audiobooks work

How Audiobooks work

Audiobooks are books in audio form. They are audio files (usually MP3) that you can play on any smartphone, tablet, computer, or any other multimedia devices. You can find audiobooks in online bookstores like Google Play Books, Audible, and Apple Books. There are many other sources as well - subscription platforms like Scribd, Storytel, and Bookmate, digital libraries like Overdrive etc. Get yourself a comfortable pair of headphones and dive into the world of audiobooks!

How much do audiobooks cost

An audiobook typically includes the narrator’s fee, studio rentals, and professional editing charges. The cost varies depending on the number of characters in the book. Apart from these, additional costs of procuring music and sound effects, if the audiobook demands it, may also be applicable. A 60-minute audiobook, with minimal treatment, can cost between Rs 3000 and Rs 5000 to produce.

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How to make an audiobook

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Producing an audiobook requires a combination of technical expertise and storytelling skills. The professional-quality audiobooks available on platforms like Audible require, at minimum, industry standard recording equipment. Here are a few things you need to make your own audiobook:

  • A computer with a USB port – (an Mac or Windows PC).
  • An XLR microphone with a pop filter and stand
  • A recording environment with very little to no background noise or echo
  • Recording software
  • Editing software like Audacity
  • Audiobook creation software
  • Decide who will create the audio files. Work with an audiobook producer (many of them help with finding the right narrators too)
  • Decide who will record it:
    • Hire a narrator
    • Record the audio yourself
    • Work with an audio producer

Publishing an audiobook

Once you have your audiobook content ready, you have to sell it. But how do you ensure your work can provide returns as soon as possible? Click below to find out more.

Publish Audiobook
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